About the Blog

This blog comes from a lover of words.  A logophile, if you will.  Poetry, prose, ingredient labels, and individual words that stand alone, some like silent stanchions: candent, immiscible.

Others that beg their way into a sentence (fulminations), and more that must be hunted and captured (protozoa?).

Still, more words are hidden in an unwritten paragraph, one that exists in your mind as a statue appears within granite.

I’ve spent years playing with these words, learning them, pursuing them, practicing them.

While I can’t say how many words I’ve written for myself, I can say I’ve written daily for more than 2,300 days and counting.  Or, since February 16, 2006.

To man the desk is no easy call to arms, but it’s one that is necessary.

In this blog, I am committed to the task, to pursuing the craft of writing.

And, so it begins.