Bringing Language Out of Silence

Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.

– Samuel Beckett

Is language a destructive force that taints? Is it one that must be reined in, a loose cannon in the night, a flock of birds in an empty field?

If this becomes our perspective, we must move with more caution than we care to have. The creative impulse is flattened, and language becomes a step, a mystic dance, and we are the outsiders.

Or, do we see language as a constructive force? Do we still use it — only when necessary — but move through it delicately? Do we approach language like a block of marble that hides a statue? Do we consider language as a grand removal, a process of creation that is only possible for those who know what not to include?

I see language as pre-existent, lurking behind every object, every event, every unseeable thing. When we use language properly, we approach an object, and we begin to draft it. We remove everything non-essential to it, we strip it down, and sometimes we take away its flesh by mistake. It’s a process that is only guided by practice, but a process that matures over time.

Beautiful language is in every word unspoken. It’s in every sentence not written.

And, then… it’s in the remainder.

Why Words Matter

When a great Sequoia falls, its head is smashed into fragments about as small as those made by lightning, which are mostly devoured by the first running, hunting fire that finds them, while the trunk is slowly wasted away by centuries of fire and weather.

– John Muir, Sequoia

If anyone has ever doubted the power of the sentence, may they be proven wrong.

Words capture action. They capture, and transmit in one of the most powerful ways possible: language. Since before the era of Homer, Western Civilization has been transmitting the power of written words, the power of language. The action hasn’t slowed since.

Words contain a special power that propel people forward…

Whether you need words that capture the power of Muir’s Sequoias, or whether you are trying to seize the quiet moments in your company, you need powerful words that reflect who you are.

Fortunately for you, there’s always someone who will man the desk.