Why Hyper Self-Awareness Doesn’t Translate

Oftentimes writers are too self-aware, writing phrases like “writers are too self-aware,” referring to themselves and really demonstrating but a pretense of awareness, for a truly self-aware person would strike through the line entirely – much less would he go back and add hyphens between his “aware self” as he composes the next relative clause and interrupts himself before finishing the first to question whether relative clause is the appropriate phrase, carefully noting in a parenthetical (parenthetical?) clause that it’s a good thing his computer is off and he can’t (we are in the third person right?) be bothered to reach for Strunk and White while composing a simple sentence.

By no means is self-awareness attractive, and almost certainly it’s not worthy of publication, and as you, the reader, who must witness it most insufferably for the second time in the matter of a few seconds, already know; it is but an exercise in the thought process of writing a needlessly convoluted and certainly grammatically incorrect sentence.

And, as evidenced, it simply doesn’t translate. Therefore, you, the writer, are kindly beseeched to cease and desist – in the spirit of a mixed metaphor – with your hyper self-awareness lest your blog become no more.

And, of course, no editor present or future need ever worry about receiving any such sentences like these ever again from this desk.

Though that sentence was presumably fine.

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